- Must we bring sheets and towels ?
-Of course not; everything is provided. In every shower you'll find a liquid soap dispenser.
- Does the room price include a ride on the barge?
" Unfortunately, no; the barge is docked for a while. After a wonderful five-week journey in 2009 with the famous photographer Gérard Rondeau, the motor suffered damage which will be difficult to repair until 2012 or 2013 due to the costs involved."
- Can we arrive as early as 5 p.m?
" Yes, of course! Just let me know your approximate time of arrival. However, please try to arrive before 8 p.m as I'm not much of a night owl! If you're coming from far away please stop by the boat before heading off to diner."
- Can we eat on board?
 " You'll find a common refrigerator at your disposal (only don't forget your ice packs in the freezer as I've accumulated enough to start a business by now!), a microwave oven, dishes, glasses and cutlery that will ensure your survival. As in most households, you'll find the garbage under the sink !"
In the fridge you'll find drinks: juices, Coke, beer, and champagne, all with prices displayed. You can place your perishables there too.
You can store and cool your champagne in the fridge; you'll find champagne glasses at your disposal.
Guest of the 'Kaléane' room, which houses 2 to 5 people, may also use the adjacent kitchen, provided that they stay at least 2 nights, with no additional charge.
- Is it possible to swim in the canal?
"Personally, I myself bathe regularly.
Of course, it's entirely your responsablity you swim. It is not a supervised swimming! "
- Can we invite friends for breakfast?
 "It is not uncommon for a couple sleeping on board has friends stationed near the boat camper. It is obvious that if the barge is full, I do not have room to accommodate additional guests. But within a dozen people in all, I gladly serve some breakfast over, the price of 8 ¬. Just tell me the day before."
Mr. and Mrs. Pasta with their children, Catherine and Peter, 27 June 2010
Viennoisereies and fresh bread for parents, and brioche toast for children. Jams "home" for all. The children wear T-shirt "of clay and water."
- Can we come by motorbike ?
"Of course, your gear will not be in a garage, but the place is particularly quiet, and well enlightened at night."
- Do you rent bicyles?
"No, I lend them for the pleasure of my clients " Deux trottinettes sont aussi à la disposition des enfants.
- Do you welcome parties and weddings ?
"For obvious reasons, I entertained at parties and weddings as if all the rooms are booked by the same group. In this case, you have the freedom of the great common room and terrace, without restriction of time, the only rule being not to make noise outside after 22 pm "
- What time should I leave the room the day after our arrival ?
 " The rule of Gîtes de France is that the rooms be vacated by midday. But if I have no other occupants that night, I do not impose time constraints. At worst, I ask you to leave the room, giving you the possibility to leave your luggage in the common room."
- Do you offer local products ?
" For breakfast you can taste the jams that I make from the fruit of my garden. I suggested you buy in pots of 115g or 350g
A souvenir gift package of 4 small jars is offered for 8 euros. The label says "The sweetness of Houseboat "
-Do you live on your boat?
Yes, of course, it is my home, in the mariner’s quarters, at the stern. It is small and comfortable.