English trans: "From Clay & Water"



Built in 1914 by the Mourlon yard, in Pierre la Treiche, near Nancy, in Lorraine, "d'Argile & d'Eau" is a "Freycinet" class barge, LOA 38.93 m, Beam 5.10 m.


She has been used by three generations of live-aboards, both as a method of living and a home, carrying any cargo that could be transported by water on all the navigable rivers and canals of Europe, under the name of "Bournazelle".


Originally engineless, she is now equipped with a marine diesel engine (160 hp, 6 cylinders, installed in the 1960's).


In 1995, a new owner changed its name to "Joffrey". The boat was sold 4 times between 1995 and 1998, mainly to be used for storage of dry goods.


I bought her in 1998 and, after one year of remodelling, transformed her into a travelling potter's workshop and studio. From 2000 to 2005, "d'Argile et d'Eau" has been a travelling art studio exhibiting my work, over the past thirty years, as a potter.


The bottom has been completely replaced with new 8m/m metal and both bow and stern doubled with 6 m/m metal. See Haul out


During the winter 2005-2006, I remodelled the hold to create a total of 4 two persons guestrooms and a 50 m2 living room, dining room, kitchen and common space, with fireplace, piano, and Hi-Fi.

On the foredeck, a 40 m2 covered terrasse adds to the living space.


Since May 2006, 'd'Argile et d'Eau" has started a new life. It is the only barge in Champagne that is also a country inn!